July 20, 2024

Parenting is not a cakewalk more so for single moms who have cannot lean on to the support of their husbands. Be it separated or deceased or whatever the reason. In the US alone out of 11 million single parent households over 80% of them are single moms. Being a single mom can be excruciatingly difficult and you might get drowned in juggling all the parenting duties all by yourself as you have no comfort of a companion to share the parenting responsibilities and day job ultimately completely ignore yourself. No matter how much you crave some me time it might be difficult for you to ignore your kids as you feel you are the only one for them. Although its true that you are the only one for them yet you need to have sometime for yourself so that you are fully there for them.

Following are the ways in which single moms can have a me time :-

  1. Try a sleepover exchange:- “My friends and I are members of the sleepover exchange club,” says Judy, a mom of three in Austin. “Basically, you take the group of kids for a sleepover one weekend night a month and each of the other moms does the same thing on the other weekends. This is how I’ve managed to date; otherwise I don’t think it would ever happen.” If your kids are old enough and ready for sleepovers, this can be a real game-changer. You can go out or do some time-consuming projects while being kid-free for an entire night. The bonus here: The kids think it’s all for them, and they have a blast with their friends.
  2. Join meetup groups for single moms in your area:- Being a single mom can be incredibly lonely, and having a local circle of moms who are in similar situations can keep you connected to people who live close to you. It’s great to chat with other moms online, but nothing beats being able to meet face to face for a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.
  3. Help from close family members or friends:- You don’t have to feel guilty about leaving your kids at your close family members like your parents or siblings or even close friends for sometime to have some quality time for yourself. You might feel that you are taking advantage of their niceness however thats far from the truth if its not a regular thing. You can utilise this time for yourself . Go for a spa, get a pedicure or even go for a date as you too have the need of a companionship even though you are single mom nonetheless you still are a human.
  4. Hire a babysitter:- If you have the means then this is the best option. Hire a babysitter or drop your kid at a nearby daycare for a few hours and use that time for yourself.
  5. Learn to say No:- Your kids will demand you to do many things and they cannot be blamed either as you are their only support. But still at times you need to say no to their every single request.
  6. Get them to do chores:- Don’t spoil your kids by fulfilling their every request thinking that you are the only one for them so you will do all their chores. By indulging in such behaviours you are not supporting them but spoiling them. So at times ask them to do some chores so that it eases off your burden and saves you some time in your hand for yourself.

Remember, single moms are humans too and cannot run 24×7 like machines. Even you need timely rest, resetting and maintenance so that you can be there for your children fully and as a much better mom.

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